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Jul. 22nd, 2010 09:51 pm
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affiliates )

Affiliation can be quested here.
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Art by 冬s
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Aaaand with my desktop finally alive once more, have a base post :)

Cardcaptor Sakura x oo1
Gundam SEED x oo5
Hockey x o14
Miscellaneous x oo1
Naruto x 158

TEASER! Icon 020 TEASER! Icon 029 TEASER! Icon 098 TEASER! Icon 121

eeeeeee )
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Just a single-fandom post this time. Using someone else's computer always brings me boredom. =\

Naruto x 113

TEASER! Icon 019 TEASER! Icon 055 TEASER! Icon 057 TEASER! Icon 062

Orokanaru otouto yo... )
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Tinypic is just a little bit annoying tonight...

Naruto x 126
RPG x oo2

TEASER! Icon 066 TEASER! Icon 075 TEASER! Icon 077 TEASER! Icon 098

Can't get enough~ unce unce. )
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Guess what, guys.

You went over the bandwidth limit again.

No more graphics for the month.
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New layout, btw. :)
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I so totally didn't forget these either >>;;

Bleach x oo3
Fullmetal Alchemist x oo3
Gundam 00 x oo1
Gundam SEED x oo7
Hockey x o25
Inuyasha x o44
Naruto x 046
People x oo2

TEASER! Icon 014 TEASER! Icon 030 TEASER! Icon 062 TEASER! Icon 105

been laaaazy )
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Aaaaaand here's some long over-due bases. Before I fall asleep at my desk.

BLEACH x o47
Fullmetal Alchemist x oo3
Gundam 00 x oo3
Gundam SEED x o28
Hockey x o58
Inuyasha x o42
Naruto x o24
People x oo3

TEASER! Icon 011 TEASER! Icon 013 TEASER! Icon 049 TEASER! Icon 129

yayz )
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♔ your icons through the years
The icon meme where you can show how much you improved as a maker.
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Ohai. I forgot I had icons. /getting laaaaazy with graphics again

Bleach x o44
Gundam 00 x oo2
Gundam SEED x o24
Hockey x o34
Inuyasha x oo2
Miscellaneous x oo3
Naruto x o31

TEASER! Icon 036 TEASER! Icon 052 TEASER! Icon 103 TEASER! Icon 127

brb enjoying sports )

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