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004; stuff

yo. icons i've gathered over the past 5 years that i've made. don't do it a whole lot anymore.

D.Gray-man x o91


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003 | 157 icons

ICON DUUUUMP, before i go off and make like 150+ more over the next several months. also sources will be added when its not after 3am.

D.Gray-man x 127
Marvel Cinematic Universe x oo3
Stock x o26


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xxx | affiliates

☆ pastries ; icons, manga colorings, muselist and cr chart coding

If you want to affiliate, just leave a comment!
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plurk post 003


...Also still DGM.

D.Gray-man x o18

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002 | 155 icons

More icons at 3:30am, this is a good idea!! )o)


D.Gray-man x 143
Naruto x o12


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001 | 112 icons

And an actual icon post!!! )o)

D.Gray-man x o78
Naruto x o34


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(no subject)

HI GUYS I know I like to disappear for 354788388 days at a time but POPPING IN out of curiosity to ask a question! With all this moving and all I was just curious if people where people I prefer to see me post my graphics :|a I honestly have no preference so I was just curious as to what you guys here thought.

Thinking of leaving the poll open for a week or so.

[Poll #1808448]
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icon post 077

...........HI. I come back with 75 DGM icons. Predictably. :'D

D.Gray-man x o75


SPOILERS FOR 208 AND 209!!!!!! )
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plurk post 02

After ages, more Plurk profile pics/icons~ All D.Gray-Man this time.

D.Gray-man x o15

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icon post 076


D.Gray-man x o50
Naruto x oo8


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(no subject)

Art by ^Y^
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icon post 075

Mooostly consisting of Kanda and Sasuke this time.

D.Gray-man x o31
Naruto x o68


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plurk post 01



D.Gray-man x oo1
Naruto x oo5

think of them as giant icons. )
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icon post 074

Small batch! Enjoy. :3

Bleach x oo2
D.Gray-Man x oo6
Golden Sun x o17
Naruto x o12


i want a nintendo ds :x )
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(no subject)

I think I'm going to stop posting icon bases. If anyone wants one from this point on (and for any Gundam SEED icon batch episode 18+), just ask and I'll upload it for you. I don't save fanart bases, so no luck there.

It's just kinda tiresome to do both icons and bases after what? 4 years? So yeah.

Just icons and other graphics now.
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icon post 073

Pretty brand-spanking new to the D.Gray-man fandom, soooo I don't know what's fan made and what's official. Mostly because I went and raided Zerochan, which doesn't tell you what's doujinshi and what's fan art and what isn't, so. If you recognize as something being fan work, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Knowing who made it isn't necessary, although that would be very helpful too.

I'm relying on you guys to help me with that, so be aware that until someone speaks up, there won't be any credit to anyone or any site for the DGM icons.

BLEACH x oo1
D.Gray-man x o22
Golden Sun x o16
Naruto x o67


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(no subject)

Episodes: 38/50
Icons: 1,472


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base post 039

And some icon bases for you guys~ Since it's been a while and all.

Bleach x o30
Golden Sun x oo6
Hockey x o37
Naruto x o41


white. houses~ )
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icon post 072

oright, i do that thing called iconing...

Bleach x o30
Gundam SEED Destiny x o21
Hockey x o37
Naruto x o25
RPG x oo3


with a spin this time )