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Aaaaaand here's some long over-due bases. Before I fall asleep at my desk.

BLEACH x o47
Fullmetal Alchemist x oo3
Gundam 00 x oo3
Gundam SEED x o28
Hockey x o58
Inuyasha x o42
Naruto x o24
People x oo3

TEASER! Icon 011 TEASER! Icon 013 TEASER! Icon 049 TEASER! Icon 129

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Ohai. I forgot I had icons. /getting laaaaazy with graphics again

Bleach x o44
Gundam 00 x oo2
Gundam SEED x o24
Hockey x o34
Inuyasha x oo2
Miscellaneous x oo3
Naruto x o31

TEASER! Icon 036 TEASER! Icon 052 TEASER! Icon 103 TEASER! Icon 127

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Yes...icons after ages. Wut? RPing eats your life...8')

Gundam SEED x o14
Hockey x o23
Inuyasha x oo4
Naruto x o20
Text x oo3
Tonight Show x oo1

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*yawn* I suppose a 30-minute nap did me some good after staying up until 1 AM RPing with Saku. Meh, I didn't start getting tired until about an hour ago anyway. But anyway, I bring one massive dump of icons. And by massive, I mean by nearly 200 icons. 183 total, so I'd like yo ask you to please be patient and bear with me while the page loads, okay? Okay.

Cardcaptor Sakura x oo1
Gravitation x oo2
Gundam SEED x o35
Hockey x o22
Inuyasha x o14
Naruto x 106

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Icon table generator won't load for me, so this will be done the old fashion way. (But then again, IE hates me with a passion and decides that every other page won't load until the 5th try. I hate it and my dad's computer~)

Gundam SEED x o12
Naruto x o22
Gravitation x oo4
Inuyasha x oo1
Dallas Stars x o14
Edmonton Oilers x oo1
Misc. x oo4

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j00 know what else to do~

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