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Will cross-post this and previous icon post tomorrow.

Gundam 00 x o10
Gundam SEED x oo3
Hockey x o20
Inuyasha x oo1
Naruto x oo9
Skip Beat! x o20

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Not work-safe for dial-up users. There is no NC-17 content. >__________>

Naruto x o54
Gundam SEED x o77
Inuyasha x o11
Team USA x oo3
St. Louis Blues x oo1
Dallas Stars x o44 [oo9 againt opposing teams]

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Resources/credit, userinfo.

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This dump is just about twice as big as my last base dump. Today, I bring a whopping 221 icons, not including the entries for this weeks icontests. There are variations of icons I've entered, but that is only because of my horrible memory. D: So no disqualifying if you spot an icon that looks like one I've entered. Chances are, it's not.

Oh, and this post is most definitely not dial-up friendly, so I hope you're up for a long wait ^____^;;

And as for winning icons... Just... check this post for that. ^^; No telling how far these icons date back. Early October, perhaps?

Dallas Stars x o42
Dallas Stars vs. Chicago Blackhawks x oo2
Dallas Stars vs. Detriot Red Wings x oo2
Dallas Stars vs. Edmonton Oilers x oo1
Dallas Stars vs. New York Islanders x oo5
Dallas Stars vs. St. Louis Blues x oo1
Florida Panthers x oo1
Gundam SEED x o82
Inuyasha x o2o
Misc. x oo2
Naruto x o53
Nashville Predators x oo1
New Jersey Devils x oo2
St. Louis Blues x oo3
Team USA x oo3

Dattebayo! [Naruto] )

He shoots, he scores! [Hockey] )

SEED Mode, on! [Gundam SEED] )

Kaze no Kizu! [Inuyasha] )

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12 Gundam SEED/Destiny
- 1 Athrun x Shinn
- 3 Athrun
- 2 Auel
- 3 Meer
- 1 Shinn x Rey
- 1 Stellar
- 1 Jona

3 Dallas Stars*
- 1 Philippe Boucher
- 1 Jon Erskine
- 1 Bill Guerin

4 Edmonton Oilers*
- 2 Team
- 1 Sergei Samsonov
- 1 Unknown

2 Edmonton-Carolina*
- 2 Pairs

20 Naruto
- 1 Gaara
- 1 Haku
- 2 Itachi
- 1 Itachi x Sasuke
- 1 Kakashi
- 2 Naruto
- 1 Sandaime & Sasuke
- 9 Sasuke
- 2 Sasuke x Naruto

3 Inuyasha
- 1 Kikyou
- 2 Sesshoumaru

5 Miracle (2004)
- 4 Group/Team USA
- 1 Jim Craig

1 Misc. [Animated]

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