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I think I'm going to stop posting icon bases. If anyone wants one from this point on (and for any Gundam SEED icon batch episode 18+), just ask and I'll upload it for you. I don't save fanart bases, so no luck there.

It's just kinda tiresome to do both icons and bases after what? 4 years? So yeah.

Just icons and other graphics now.
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Guess what, guys.

You went over the bandwidth limit again.

No more graphics for the month.
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Some of you might have noticed that bandwidth has been exceeded for the account I use for this community.

It's been almost 4 years and I've never had this problem, so I can only suspect hotlinking that quickly burned through the 10GB that Photobucket gives to free accounts. (In fact, I've gone WAY over the limit for free accounts.) I ask with each post that you not do so for this very reason, and now we all have to wait until bandwidth is reset.

Please refrain from hotlinking my icons. It is not that difficult to save them or upload them to your own Photobucket account with their 'copy to my album' feature.

If bandwidth is exceeded again, I'm not sure that I will continue to publicly make and share graphics. =\ This is only one of the few things that I ask each time I post icons or any other graphic, guys.

Please stop hotlinking my icons and refrain from doing so in the future.

I will not be posting anything more until graphics start working properly.


Jul. 14th, 2008 02:50 pm
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If anyone ever sees a "stealing icons" journal, please notify me immediately. I do not allow my icons to be used without credit, on or off LiveJournal. I have spent too much time the past three years on icons for them to be just saved and given no credit.

If I should find that my icons are floating around stealing comms, I will lock this comm to members only. As such, I have modified my rules to state so. I would like to avoid this, so I ask for your cooperation.

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