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Some more icons ^^ Which is... mostly Naruto *coughs*

Naruto x o75
RPG x o10


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Here's a collection of old wallpapers that I previously held at a graphics site that... honestly has no point in being up anymore xD Note that these were made about two years ago, so... they suck big time, so hopefully someone still finds some interest in them? xD *wonders how the white space got there though...*
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Same conditions as always apply~
.. Don't claim as your own, otherwise, credit
.. Comments are nice but not absolutely necessary
.. Er... I think that's it. Anything I missed can be found in the userinfo.
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And eighty-eight icons tonight~ My compy started being a little bitchy while uploading screenshots, and Firefox is always mean... >.> *huff* And again, I didn't miss anything! So proud of myself <3

Cardcaptor Sakura x o11
Gundam 00 x oo6
Gundam SEED x o1o
Gravitation x oo6
Hockey x o1o
Inuyasha x o13
Miscellaneous x oo2
Naruto x o3o

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Same conditions as always apply~
.. Don't claim as your own, otherwise, credit
.. Comments are nice but not absolutely necessary
.. Er... I think that's it. Anything I missed can be found in the userinfo.
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Yup, I should really try to develop some kind of system for my icons. I just keep putting it off... >____> Anyway, here's 129 icons for you guys. And it may seem like they're the same ol' simple icons - even though some of them are - some aren't. I am trying, thank you.

BLEACH x oo9
Cardcaptor Sakura x oo4
Gravitation x oo4
Gundam SEED x o15
Hockey x o12
Inuyasha x o16
Naruto x o58
Rurouni Kenshin x oo2
Yu Yu Hakusho x oo6

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Here's 15 LJ icons that I made this morning before going to bed. All this was brought by the recent two posts at [livejournal.com profile] lj_biz.

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Enjoy. ^^
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So, here's that icon post that I promised. ^^ Not even a hundred icons! Yay! I'm getting better at not dumping a large mass of icons on peoples! *dances*

Cardcaptor Sakura x oo5
Gundam SEED x o18
Inuyasha x oo9
Loveless x oo2
Misc. x oo1
Naruto x o48 (There are variations)
Rurouni Kenshin x oo2
Yuu Yuu Hakusho x oo4

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Everyone should know what to do by now :P But, this is x-posted like a mofo whore. xD What can I say, I be in lotsa comms. :D;
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Here's a butt-load of icons. Some placed, but I assure you that the vast majority of them did not. Surprise, much? =\ Whatever. Also, a note about the Stephane Robidas icons, which says "This does NOT go unpunished," I made it BEFORE Tootoo got his five-game suspension, so don't flame me, because I will not tolerate it and just delete your comment. (I don't need a shorter fuse going back to school. -____-)

Naruto x o71
Gundam SEED x o34
Inuyasha x o11
Gravitation x oo6
Dallas Stars x oo8
Edmonton Oilers x oo2
Text x oo4

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And here's a decent-sized iconpost. I swear I need to set up weekly reminders to post these so I don't forget which I can post and which I can't. Or keep track of the... some-odd icontests I'm in. xD I gotta do something!

Oh, and guess how many icons out of 87 placed? Nine. Lol, wut.


Gundam SEED x o26
Inuyasha x oo4
Naruto x o47
Gravitation x oo7
All-Star Game x oo1 (;___; I know. Only one. I'm disappointed in myself.)
Text x oo1

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Icon table generator won't load for me, so this will be done the old fashion way. (But then again, IE hates me with a passion and decides that every other page won't load until the 5th try. I hate it and my dad's computer~)

Gundam SEED x o12
Naruto x o22
Gravitation x oo4
Inuyasha x oo1
Dallas Stars x o14
Edmonton Oilers x oo1
Misc. x oo4

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j00 know what else to do~
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This dump is just about twice as big as my last base dump. Today, I bring a whopping 221 icons, not including the entries for this weeks icontests. There are variations of icons I've entered, but that is only because of my horrible memory. D: So no disqualifying if you spot an icon that looks like one I've entered. Chances are, it's not.

Oh, and this post is most definitely not dial-up friendly, so I hope you're up for a long wait ^____^;;

And as for winning icons... Just... check this post for that. ^^; No telling how far these icons date back. Early October, perhaps?

Dallas Stars x o42
Dallas Stars vs. Chicago Blackhawks x oo2
Dallas Stars vs. Detriot Red Wings x oo2
Dallas Stars vs. Edmonton Oilers x oo1
Dallas Stars vs. New York Islanders x oo5
Dallas Stars vs. St. Louis Blues x oo1
Florida Panthers x oo1
Gundam SEED x o82
Inuyasha x o2o
Misc. x oo2
Naruto x o53
Nashville Predators x oo1
New Jersey Devils x oo2
St. Louis Blues x oo3
Team USA x oo3

Dattebayo! [Naruto] )

He shoots, he scores! [Hockey] )

SEED Mode, on! [Gundam SEED] )

Kaze no Kizu! [Inuyasha] )

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59 Naruto
- 2 ANBU
- 1 Asuma
- 1 Dead Uchihas
- 2 Deidara
- 1 Gaara x Naruto
- 1 Iruka
- 1 Jiraiya x Tsunade
- 2 Jiraiya
- 3 Kakashi
- 1 Kankurou x Gaara
- 8 Naruto
- 3 Neji
- 2 Orochimaru
- 1 Sasori
- 1 Sasuke x Gaara
- 20 Sasuke
- 5 Sasuke x Naruto
- 1 Sasuke x Sakura
- 2 Team 7
- 1 Yondaime

15 Dallas Stars
- 1 Barch
- 1 Langenbrunner
- 1 Morrow
- 1 Khomitski
- 1 Lessard
- 1 Lundqvist
- 5 Pairs/Group
- 1 Stefan
- 1 Sydor
- 1 Turco (and Theodore)

13 Gundam SEED
- 1 Kira x Lacus
- 5 Meer
- 1 Rey
- 2 Shani
- 2 Shinn
- 1 Shinn x Stellar
- 2 Sven

6 Of the Sky
- 2 Hoshi
- 2 Hoshi x Kuroi
- 1 Hoshi x Tsuki
- 1 Kuroi

4 Misc.

1 New Jersey Devils
- 1 Team

1 Inuyasha
- 1 Sesshoumaru

I SERIOUSLY need to get my paper done... )

I think that's all of them. Comment and credit as usual. Now, off to watch my second hockey game of the night and cram my exam paper in. x.x *runs off*

Of the Sky © [livejournal.com profile] satanicleplep
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6 Gundam SEED
- 1 Auel
- 2 Lacus
- 1 Meer
- 2 Shinn

16 Naruto
- 1 Itachi
- 3 Itachi x Sasuke
- 1 Kabuto
- 3 Kakashi
- 1 Kunai
- 1 Lee
- 1 Naruto
- 1 Orochimaru
- 4 Sasuke

1 Inuyasha
- 1 Sesshoumaru

2 Misc.

The usual stuff~ :O

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D:! An even bigger batch than last time! Be warned, 56kers *sweatdrop*

20 Gundam SEED/Destiny
- 1 Athrun x Shinn
- 1 Athrun x Heine x Shinn
- 1 Athrun x Meer
- 1 Athrun
- 1 Auel
- 2 Heine
- 1 Kira
- 1 Lacus x Meer
- 5 Meer
- 1 Rey
- 1 Rey x Shinn
- 3 Shinn
- 1 Shinn x Luna

31 Naruto
- 1 Hatake Sakumo
- 1 Itachi
- 5 Itachi x Sasuke
- 1 Iruka & Kisame [Plush form]
- 1 Kurenai
- 1 Naruto
- 11 Sasuke
- 9 Sasuke x Naruto
- 1 Yondaime

1 Dallas Stars
- 1 Pair [Morrow & Kapanen]

3 Inuyasha
- 1 Jakotsu x Bankotsu
- 2 Sesshoumaru

1 Misc.

More lotsa icons 8D )

Credit and the usual stuff I say is in the userinfo 8D
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12 Gundam SEED/Destiny
- 1 Athrun x Shinn
- 3 Athrun
- 2 Auel
- 3 Meer
- 1 Shinn x Rey
- 1 Stellar
- 1 Jona

3 Dallas Stars*
- 1 Philippe Boucher
- 1 Jon Erskine
- 1 Bill Guerin

4 Edmonton Oilers*
- 2 Team
- 1 Sergei Samsonov
- 1 Unknown

2 Edmonton-Carolina*
- 2 Pairs

20 Naruto
- 1 Gaara
- 1 Haku
- 2 Itachi
- 1 Itachi x Sasuke
- 1 Kakashi
- 2 Naruto
- 1 Sandaime & Sasuke
- 9 Sasuke
- 2 Sasuke x Naruto

3 Inuyasha
- 1 Kikyou
- 2 Sesshoumaru

5 Miracle (2004)
- 4 Group/Team USA
- 1 Jim Craig

1 Misc. [Animated]

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Not dial-up friendly. Please be patient as icons load. D: If your computers crash, tell me so I can split the post into more than one.

22 Misc. Icons
11 Rurouni Kenshin
1 Loveless
1 Yu Yu Hakusho
2 T.M. Revolution

Do not direct link these icons.

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May 2017