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This dump is just about twice as big as my last base dump. Today, I bring a whopping 221 icons, not including the entries for this weeks icontests. There are variations of icons I've entered, but that is only because of my horrible memory. D: So no disqualifying if you spot an icon that looks like one I've entered. Chances are, it's not.

Oh, and this post is most definitely not dial-up friendly, so I hope you're up for a long wait ^____^;;

And as for winning icons... Just... check this post for that. ^^; No telling how far these icons date back. Early October, perhaps?

Dallas Stars x o42
Dallas Stars vs. Chicago Blackhawks x oo2
Dallas Stars vs. Detriot Red Wings x oo2
Dallas Stars vs. Edmonton Oilers x oo1
Dallas Stars vs. New York Islanders x oo5
Dallas Stars vs. St. Louis Blues x oo1
Florida Panthers x oo1
Gundam SEED x o82
Inuyasha x o2o
Misc. x oo2
Naruto x o53
Nashville Predators x oo1
New Jersey Devils x oo2
St. Louis Blues x oo3
Team USA x oo3

Dattebayo! [Naruto] )

He shoots, he scores! [Hockey] )

SEED Mode, on! [Gundam SEED] )

Kaze no Kizu! [Inuyasha] )

There's a witty catch phrase? [Misc.] )

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Warning to those with slower connections. This icon base post contains 180 bases, all in PNG format, thus making this post image heavy. There is no doubt that this entry will take a while to load and will need to be refreshed several times in order for all bases to show. Please be patient. If a computer should crash, leave a comment somewhere - perferably the icon post at my own journal that has a link leading to this entry - and tell me so I can split the post into two parts. Thank you for your cooperation.

Dallas Stars x o35
Gundam SEED x o67
Inuyasha x o18
Naruto x o56
Nashville Predators x oo1
New Jersey Devils x oo3
St. Louis Blues x oo2

BIG post. )

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