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Now... I have gotten lazy and as a result, there are over 250 bases. x_X Yes, I know... Ack.

Gravitation x oo3
Gundam 00 x o13
Gundam SEED x oo6
Hockey x 208
Inuyasha x oo4
Naruto x o20
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles x o14

This is not dial-up friendly. )

Same conditions as always apply~
.. Don't claim as your own, otherwise, credit
.. Comments are nice but not absolutely necessary
..Textless icons are not bases
.. Er... I think that's it. Anything I missed can be found in the userinfo.
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Artist: [livejournal.com profile] hoshi3 @ [livejournal.com profile] hoshidesigns
Subject: Dallas Stars
Added: 31 + 3 variations
Number of Icons: 85/85
Resources: HERE

The Stars may be done, but they get closer and closer every year... )

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Okay... This'll be the last thing that I do before I go off to bed. xD But, ugh, it took me a damn good while to figure out which icon I had left out [again]. I couldn't figure it out on the spot, so I ended up going and moving icons to folders one-by-one. Near the end, I could tell. ^^; But honestly! >__> I originally ended up with two missing icons this time. I figured out the first one, by the second... well, I just went over that xD And without further ado, here are some icons~ :3

BLEACH x oo5
Cardcaptor Sakura x oo6
Gravitation x oo7
Gundam SEED x o2o
Hockey x o15
Inuyasha x o14
Loveless x oo1
Naruto x o71
Rurouni Kenshin x oo4
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle x oo2
Yu Yu Hakusho x oo2

Another fandom, more icons... )

Everyone knows what to do with these icons, right? xD And as a reminder: do not use these icons off of LiveJournal without premission. I WILL find out.
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Fuu... It's been a good while since I made a base post, hasn't it? xD Almost a month, eep. o.o Sorry about that~ But anyway, here are 100 99 bases for you to have fun with! -^^- (Wtf keeps happening to that one icon I keep missing? I'm not missing any icons while making the table, dammit!)

Cardcaptor Sakura x oo3
Gundam SEED x o14
Gravitation x oo5
Hockey x oo7
Inuyasha x oo9
Loveless x oo1
Naruto x o57
Rurouni Kenshin x oo2
Yu Yu Hakusho x oo2

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May 2017